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Bunker Surveys

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To assist our clients, International Marine Experts (IME) offers Bunker Quantity Surveys (BQS) in all major bunker ports of Panama (Panama) Canary Islands (Spain), Lagos (Nigeria), Callao (Peru), Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China) and Asuncion (Paraguay). 

IME BQS are performed under the American Petroleum Institute Standards.

A Bunker Quantity Survey involves an approved surveyor taking measurements onboard the delivery barge/shore tank and the receiving vessel before and after any transfer of oil takes place. 


The surveyor’s measurements are then used to determine the quantity of oil delivered. The amount transported from the barge/shore tank and received by the vessel should be the same. 

If there is any discrepancy, this can be highlighted and investigated at the time so that a claim can be made after the event.

Engaging an IME Bunker Quantity Surveyor is one of the surest ways to determine if your vessel has received the right amount of fuel.

IME BQS offers an independent and impartial quantity measurement service for marine fuels. We provide comprehensive documentation for each survey to support any shortage claims or quality disputes.

Periodic skills upgrade and regular on-the-job inspections by senior IME staff help our surveyors maintain top service quality at all times.

IME Bunker Survey provides the following services


Pre-delivery Tank Gauging


Safety Inspection and Supervision of Fuel Sampling


Monitoring of Bunker Delivery Process


Post-delivery Tank Gauging


Final Calculation of Quantity Delivered

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