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Cargo inspections

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Cargo Inspections

International Marine Experts (IME) is looked upon as one of the preeminent providers of Cargo Inspection Services in Panama and Nearby countries. As the trusted Cargo Surveyor, we have catered to the specific requisites of our esteemed clients.


International Marine Experts (IME) is known for its ability to provide comprehensive and skilled assessments of damage sustained to all types of commodities during transport by rail, road, air, and sea. As a leading surveying company in our regions of coverage, IME offers a full range of services regarding cargo inspection and loss adjusting.


Cargo Damage Surveys

We establish the extent of the damage and give an estimate of the cost of repairs. Our surveyors work in liaison with the insured, the repair facility, and all the relevant parties. 

Hold & Tank Cleanliness


We inspect the vessel's cargo worthiness, including hold or tank condition and cleanliness, and the general suitability to load a particular cargo. 

This visual inspection of the cleanliness of the cargo holds/tanks of the vessel is important to minimize at the maximum, any contamination possibles of the cargo, thus avoiding future problems in transportation.

Pre-Shipment Surveys

Cargo Loading inspections for Shipping Containers including assessment of damaged loads. We specialize in Cargo Surveys for Import/Export, and Cargo Loading inspections as required by shipping lines, government, insurance companies, and commercial agencies. 

Once our investigation and assessment are complete, we provide the customer with a written report detailing our findings.

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Container Surveys

We perform condition and cleanliness for on/off-hire and, for general suitability, to load bulk agricultural / food products. We perform surveys of damaged containerized cargo and stowage, securing, tallying, and stuffing inspections of containerized cargo.

International Marine Experts (IME) has over more than seventeen years of “hands-on” experience. We know where and what to look for and have the expertise to know what our findings mean.

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