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Insurance Claims & Loss Adjusters

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Insurance Claims & Loss Adjusters

International Marine Experts (IME) provides full-service Loss Adjusters who facilitate the settlement of both simple and complex claims. We act on behalf of the client's instructions and immediately assess the extent of the loss and begin the mitigation process. We perform claims management, loss adjusting to the International and local insurance market.

IME operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We are very well respected and trusted by insurance companies and loss adjusters alike.



We work closely with insurers, insureds, and legal counsel, as needed, to evaluate and settle liability claims expeditiously. 

Our extensive experience in managing the Casualty claims process provides both insurers and insureds with equitable loss resolution and reduced claims expense.



International Marine Experts (IME) has specialized marine and other cargo services. Transportation losses often involve unique challenges such as location and access to the damaged property, knowledge of the many types of different cargoes shipped and international laws and conventions, and the differing interests of the insured, insurer, and manufacturer.

International Marine Experts (IME) the full range of Transportation services is engaged even before the movement of the insured property. 

Engineering & Technology


At International Marine Experts (IME), there is a variety of experience and expertise that can be offered to private clients as well as the core business associated with the Insurance related instructions.

IME, as specialist engineering and technology loss adjusters, we carry out detailed investigations into causation and subsequently advise insurers regarding policy issues. We add value to the claims management process by being flexible and dynamic, ensuring that all parties are kept fully informed at all times.


International Marine Experts (IME) adjusters have excellent relations with the local and international insurance markets and have a long tradition of professional property loss adjusting. 

Our experienced adjusters manage all types of property claims.

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