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Marine Surveys

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Hull & Machinery Surveys

International Marine Experts (IME) provides availability of surveyors to attend on behalf of Hull and Machinery Underwriters at Panama and at all major ports in Latin America to determine the cause, nature, and extent of damage and report back on potential insurance claims.

A casualty may result from collision, machinery breakdown, fire, stranding, water ingress, or indeed many other causes. Whatever the circumstances our surveyors have the necessary expertise to assist you.  

Cargo Ship

P&I Surveys


Numerous surveys have been carrying out on behalf of P&I Clubs. Our surveys included open-hatch, Oil Spills, pre-shipment, pre-entry, damage, and follow-up surveys. We concentrate on cargo worthiness and act proactively in assisting Master and Crew in mitigating the risk of cargo damage.

We provide the entire scope of surveys to be conducted on behalf of Mutual and Fixed Premium P&I Clubs and Liability Underwriters.

Marine Warranty Surveys

IME is recognized as one of the leading companies in marine warranty surveys, which consists of providing independent third party review and approval of the planning, design, and execution of high value / high-risk marine construction and transportation operations (marine operations) on behalf of underwriters and they're assured, and for self-insured parties.

We focus on assessing the risks undertaken by Underwriters and act proactively by rectifying defects and deficiencies, in order to mitigate such risks.


On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys


On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys of vessels or marine structures are held either before is delivered into a charter or re-deliver from a charter.

The purpose of these surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of the charter.

Draft / Deadweight Surveys

Draft Surveys can improve your shipping accuracy with a wide range of commodities, including grains, cement, coal, iron ore, and fertilizers.

Draft surveys determine the weight of the cargo aboard the vessel. A draft survey can save substantial costs for the interested party. These surveys are done to determine the quantity of a bulk cargo loaded or discharged by reading the vessel's drafts, measuring the ballast water, fuel, diesel oil, and other liquids on board, and calculating the final quantity by using the vessel's approved dead-weight scales and tank tables.

Deadweight Surveys.jpg

Pre-Purchase and Condition Survey


Whenever you are planning to buy an existing ship, you need an accurate survey of the vessel to help you evaluate the investment potential. On behalf of ship owners, finance houses, and brokers.


IME acts as an independent 3rd party is hired to undertake detailed condition surveys. we give a fully impartial, independent 3rd party vessel condition report, including the current condition, class status, and life history of a vessel.

A full report on vessel tanks, hulls, and any outstanding class or repair issues are noted to give a fully independent assessment of the vessel, her maintenance, and expected reliability in service.

Yacht Surveys

Pre-Purchase is a more comprehensive inspection completed when purchasing a new or used vessel.

It is a total inspection of the vessel to ascertain its condition and overall operational capability.

The survey evaluates any condition which could lead to sinking the vessel, causing a fire, or endangering the crew. This assessment is performed to enable the insurance Underwriter to evaluate the vessel's insurability and risk assessment.

IME offers pre-purchase inspections, sea trials, damage assessment, and condition and valuations surveys for yachts.

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