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Cargo inspections

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International Marine Experts (IME) is looked upon as one of the preeminent providers of Cargo Inspection Services in Panama and Nearby countries. As the trusted Cargo Surveyor, we have catered to the specific requisites of our esteemed clients.


International Marine Experts (IME) is known for its ability to provide comprehensive and skilled assessments of damage sustained to all types of commodities during transport by rail, road, air, and sea. As a leading surveying company in our regions of coverage, IME offers a full range of services regarding cargo inspection and loss adjusting.

Cargo Inspection Services

Helpful for Both of Us

Preemptive quality control inspections on complete or near-complete product batches are critical steps towards growing customer satisfaction and diminishing return expenses.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is the foundation of a strong business. It guides to customer retention, which leads to true profit earnings. A 5% customer preservation rate can increase profits by up to 95%.


Pre-shipment and cargo loading inspection services can confirm both product quality and accuracy promptly.


Reducing Product-Return Costs


Aside from the potential damage that a product return can have on a company's reputation, the monetary cost of a product, packaging, or labeling deficiency grows exponentially if detection occurs after shipment.


Alternatively, if a deficiency is discovered before the cargo has been sent overseas, the reputational and monetary risks are minimized. Additionally, if a product deficiency is detected during a PSI or CLC, companies have greater leverage to demand product fixes by the factory at the factory's expense.


In addition to assessments for claims resulting from damage to goods during transit, IME provides independent and impartial services to verify that you are getting what you pay for.

This service encompasses all aspects of the land transportation component and the loading, stowage, sea fastening, discharge and delivery, and the verification of loading/discharging procedures.

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