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Pre-Purchase and Condition Survey

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Whenever you are planning to buy an existing ship, you need an accurate survey of the vessel to help you evaluate the investment potential. On behalf of ship owners, finance houses, and brokers.


 IME acts as an independent 3rd party is hired to undertake detailed condition surveys. we give a fully impartial, independent 3rd party vessel condition report, including the current condition, class status, and life history of a vessel.


These can provide vital information to help evaluate a proposed investment accepted by all major banking and finance institutions.

A full report on vessel tanks, hull, and any outstanding class or repair issues are noted to give a fully independent assessment of the vessel, her maintenance, and expected reliability in service. An assessment is made of any expected areas of concern to the potential purchaser and reported with the support of full-color photography.

We offer a range of services that support buyers and charterers in decisions affecting the purchase and acquisition of ships. These independent services can help reduce the risk associated with second-hand vessel acquisition or charter, and they can be utilized individually or as a comprehensive package.

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