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International Marine Experts (IME) has specialized marine and other cargo services. Transportation losses often involve unique challenges such as location and access to the damaged property, knowledge of the many types of different cargoes shipped and international laws and conventions, and the differing interests of the insured, insurer, and manufacturer.

International Marine Experts (IME)'s full range of Transportation services is engaged even before the movement of the insured property. Beginning with pre-risk and loss prevention surveys and recommendations, our experienced adjusters can examine the proposed cargo route and the cargo itself to identify and ameliorate potential loss points such as transfer from truck or rail to ship, intermediate storage while awaiting cargo movement, cargo transit, and potential for external events such as strikes, or storms and other acts of God.


Cargo Insurance is the most international of all insurance lines. Like most coverage, cargo policies have an experience rating factor. Because Transportation losses are often caused by or are the responsibility of, a third party such as a shipping company or warehouse owner, it is important to identify, pursue and recover all third-party liabilities for losses to contain future experience-rated coverage costs. 


Besides, our adjusters are trained to take the extra step' at the time of the survey in securing additional evidence which not only serves to satisfy policy liability but will also ensure that the potential for a successful recovery is maximized.

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