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Pre-Shipment Surveys

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Cargo Loading inspections for Shipping Containers including assessment of damaged loads. 

We specialize in Cargo Surveys for Import/Export, and Cargo Loading inspections as required by shipping lines, government, insurance companies, and commercial agencies. Once our investigation and assessment are complete, we provide the customer with a written report detailing our findings. We stand by our work and are available to answer any questions.

  • We measure the cargo's cubic feet for freight payment purposes and verify its condition by recording any visible damage before shipment at the dock for insurance purposes, carriers and forwarders.

  • We supervise loading, stowage, lashing, blocking & bracing to ensure the safe carriage of the cargoes. We assist masters in the load planning to meet the code.

  • We also perform cargo handling and lashing before and during loading on behalf of shippers, underwriters, carriers, and forwarders.

  • Surveys of break-bulk cargo to ensure those bills of lading and mate's receipts accurately note the apparent condition of cargo when it is loaded.

  • We perform out-turn surveys of steel, on arrival at the discharge port, to establish condition, any damages, and shift of cargo that may have occurred during the voyage by using the Silver Nitrate testing for chloride residues.

  • We can provide testing of "hatch tightness" by ultrasound or hose testing.

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