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IME is recognized as one of the leading companies in Marine Warranty Surveys, which consists of providing independent third party review and approval of the planning, design, and execution of high value / high-risk marine construction and transportation operations (marine operations) on behalf of underwriters and they're assured, and for self-insured parties.

We focus on assessing the risks undertaken by Underwriters and act proactively by rectifying defects and deficiencies, to mitigate such risks.


Our approach to assurance guarantees that clients achieve a positive outcome for even the most challenging projects while risks are mitigated and reduced. All work is reviewed per IMO safe stowage standards and with many years of practical experience with lashing and lifting materials.

Marine Warranty Survey services may be required for any large, unusual, and/or high-value item in the marine environment. 

We've had surveyors oversee many large vessel loadings onto heavy lift ships, including the luxury motor yachts and ship loaders for iron ore ports.

We have warranted numerous ocean tows, including salvaged vessels, barges, dredges, and unique structures.

Among IME Warranty Surveys services include:


Towage approval


Lay-up and re-activation approvals


Cargo load-out, stowage and securing approvals


Voyage approval


Mooring approval


Shipyard surveys


Fire precautions and firefighting arrangements


Vessel condition surveys


Vessel suitability


Multimodal cargo transportation

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