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Insurance Claims & Loss Adjusters

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International Marine Experts (IME) provides full-service Loss Adjusters who facilitate the settlement of both simple and complex claims. We act on behalf of the client's instructions and immediately assess the extent of the loss and begin the mitigation process. We perform claims management, loss adjusting to the International and local insurance market.

IME operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We are very well respected and trusted by insurance companies and loss adjusters alike.


Our surveyors have multiple years of experience working within the claims and loss adjuster sectors, and this invaluable experience and expertise have enabled us to build strong relationships with the best-valued firms in each of the above markets.

In the Loss Adjusting sector, these include everything ranging from property, casualty, construction, engineering, marine, and any major loss, etc.

As a firm of independent insurance loss adjusters and risk management professionals, we provide claims adjusting, general investigations in case of fire, flooding, burglary, and others. We're independent claims specialists who investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of insurance companies and help policyholders restore their property to full working order.   

As Loss Adjusters, IME independently facilitates the settlement of insurance claims.

Generally acting on the instructions of an insurance company, IME will take instructions from an insurer to make an inspection of damage, investigate and report the cause and make recommendations regarding how best to reinstate the damage or settle the claim. In most typical cases the settlement of the claim is ultimately determined by the contract of insurance (the insurance policy) between the insurer and insured parties.


Once an insurance claim has been accepted by an insurer, IME will generally receive instructions to manage the settlement, acting as Insurance Claim Project Managers. This may involve leading the repair project or negotiating the appropriate payments.

International Marine Experts (IME) have specialists able to respond to any type of loss. Acting independently, we will ensure that the most economic settlement is achieved.

IME supports Four core practice areas:


Engineering & Technology







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