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On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys

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On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys of vessels or marine structures are held either before is delivered into a charter or re-deliver from a charter.

The purpose of these surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of the charter. 

Whilst the determination of damage is the principal purpose of the two requisite reports, one being at the “on hire” survey and the other at the “off hire” survey.


As part of these surveys, we verify the general condition of the vessel, check the documents and certificates, establish the quantities of fuel onboard, and sometimes establishment the cleanliness of the cargo spaces.

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys are particularly important for a client when hiring a vessel to limit their liability, by ensuring they have the correct information on the condition of the ship and work required in regard to the Charter Party. 

Hence it's in the interest of a Client to get an independent survey carried out on their behalf which will then be used as evidence for their liabilities for the Charter period.


When audit to check the condition of the vessel when it is chartered from or redelivered back to the owner which usually includes in part the structure, document, and bunker, Vessel survey to get a general impression by inspecting selected areas:




Passenger Areas


Safety Equipment


Cargo Areas


Machinery Spaces


Planned Maintenance System for Outstanding Items


Sample of any prearranged open spaces


Certification & Classification Records to be Inspected


Brief Interviews with some of the Crew Members

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