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Panama Canal SOPEP Preparation & Authorized Person

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International Marine Experts (IME) offers Panama Canal SOPEP preparation, approval, and implementation services. We can act as Authorized Person for Ship Managers/Owners/Operators to comply with the SOPEP requirements of the Panama Canal.

We have extensive experience designing, developing, and maintaining thousands of Panama Canal SOPEP´S. We maintain Full-time staff that is solely dedicated to acting as authorized persons and PCSOPEP development.


IME is Authorized (AP) to respond to any oil spill emergencies at the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal Authority (APC) requires that an Authorized Person (AP) is named in the Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP).

The Authorized Person Requirements are:


Must live in Panama.


Serves as a liaison between the Vessel and the Panama Canal Authority.


Must be familiar with the PCSOPEP.


Must have a general knowledge of Incident Management System.

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